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Refund & Cancelation

Airlines Cancellation policy

Airlines carries passengers, carriage, and cargo internationally according to the internationals rules and regulations which were put in place by the regulating bodies.
Cancellation and amending fees depend entirely on the carrier. Some airlines may impose class fees (economy, business and first class) each class differs in its cancellation policy and the fees resulting from the cancellation.
Passengers on domestic flights should be present in the airport prior to the departure of the plane with at least one hour and a half unless otherwise specified.
In case the client wasn’t able to be present at the airport in the specified time, he has to contact customer service to confirm the flight status according to the regulations of airlines.
In case of baggage loss, the client should communicate with the airport management or the airline directly, as is not responsible for baggage loss.
When you select your seat through, the company isn’t responsible for any modification made by the airline.
Providing accommodation for transit flights which lasts more than 6 hours differs from one airline to the other. The specific terms and conditions are outlined in the airline’s policy.

Changing Airlines

Modifying the flights timetable depends entirely on the terms and conditions outlined by the airline where cancellation of the trip or modifying the trip’s date is concerned. You will be notified in one of the methods of communications outlined in your booking, you’ll also be provided with alternative solutions or the ability to refund your money in case the airline allowed it.
In case the client didn’t see notification, isn’t held responsible and the client doesn’t have the right to claim any reimbursements.

Special conditions for the suppliers policy

Some suppliers might impose special rules in their policies, we strongly advise that the client reads these rules before booking.

Airlines Policy

We would like to notify you that prices and services vary according to the flight class (first, business, economy) you can choose the preferred class from
In case there was a conflict between the carrier’s conditions and conditions, the carrier’s policy applies.
Amendment and cancellation policies are subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier including partial and full refund.
Name change: You can’t change or edit the name after the booking is confirmed, In case you wanted to change the name after the booking is confirmed, you have to make a new booking and pay the difference in price.
Partial use of the ticket: If the client used one part of a two way ticket and asked to refund the unused ticket, the refund is subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier.
In case the tickets were misused, the client doesn’t have the right to claim a refund.

Refund Policy

When the client asks to refund his money, the company refunds the money after reviewing the supplier’s terms
If the payment was made by a credit card, the refund is made in 48 hours on business days and the money goes through the bank in 7 days. Kindly note that the bank may delay the refund.